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This is MY STORY about how the name "Steve's Mystique" was created!!!

Frequently Asked Questions about Steve's Mystique


Q: What is Steve's Mystique?

A: It is really just a name and it is an unusual name. There is nothing mystic or mysterious about the name. There is a long story behind the name which is told in the video above. We basically offer different types of life advice and we also include mental training.


Q: Are you a psychologist?

A: No, I'm not. I'm also not a psychiatrist, psychic, fortune teller, palm reader, witch doctor, snake oil salesman, or any of those things.


Q: What makes you qualified for this?

A: I'm a Certified Life Coach and a Certified L.O.A. practitioner and have studied mentalities and mental training since 2007. I was just an ordinary person until I discovered all of this. You can find more about my credentials on the 

About Steve page.

Q: What IS Life Coaching?

A: Go to this page to find out!!!


Q: Does what you teach really work?

A:  I offer information and advice from all that I have learned and what has worked for me. I believe it can work for others too. When I started to apply these teachings in my own life, things started to change dramatically for the better. What people do with that information and advice is up to them. Like anything the results will vary. I know what works for me may not work for everyone, but if you apply these mind training techniques there is no doubt you will get good results.


Q: What do you plan to accomplish with your teachings?

A: To make a positive impact on people and help them become successful and happy by altering their thinking. I'm taking what I have learned and passing all of this valuable information on to others. I can make a difference in people's lives if they apply what I'm teaching.


Q: How do we know you are for real?

A: That is one of the things that I teach is that there will always be critics and naysayers no matter what you do in any profession. We all deal with them every day. So this is no different. People will judge for themselves. I'm not a magician, or snake oil salesman or teach pie in the sky or pipe dream type information. What I teach can give you life changing results yet you'll notice that a lot of it is common sense simple. I don't have an ego, I just want to help people happy and successful. 

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