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  Life Coaching & Mental Training  

Coaching Rates

Each coaching session is one hour for telephone coaching.

Choose the session package that best fits your situation and budget...

  1 Coaching Session     $100

  3 Coaching Sessions   $280

  4 Coaching Sessions   $365

  6 Coaching Sessions   $550

  8 Coaching Sessions   $725

10 Coaching Sessions   $900

The more sessions you purchase at once, the more money you save!!!

Coaching Sessions via email

***Not available for Marriage Coaching***

Choose the email coaching package that best fits you...

  1 Coaching Session Email    $80

  3 Coaching Session Emails  $220

  5 Coaching Session Emails  $360

  8 Coaching Session Emails  $580

10 Coaching Session Emails  $720

When you decide on your coaching package you will be billed for the coaching services in advance by email. Once we receive your payment we will assign you a client number, email you the appropriate forms to fill out and submit them back to us, and we will contact you within 2 business days to set up your coaching schedule (for telephone coaching) in order to start the coaching process.

For email coaching, the process will be the same except the coaching schedule. Once you submit the forms back to us you will get your coaching email within 2 to 3 business days after submitting. 

Choosing the "Send your issue to me" option will not require additional forms to fill out unless you are a first time customer. For more information CLICK HERE!!!

Steve's Mystique accepts all payments through PayPal (which accepts all major credit cards).

Schedule your appointment for a FREE consultation with Steve which lasts approximately 5 to 15 minutes. Contact us by phone at (682) 706-3667 or you can select your coaching session for purchase right now by CLICKING HERE!!!

Steve's Mystique is offering a FREE consultation that will last approximately 5 to 15 minutes. You can talk to Steve and discuss what you need help with that way you can decide whether you feel life coaching is right for you or your situation. See our Online Booking Page or  Contact us by phone at (682)706-3667 to schedule your FREE consultation.




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