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  Life Coaching & Mental Training  

Choosing the "Send your issue to me" option is a quicker and more convenient way to get coaching for an issue that would require Steve's help, but does not require a full coaching session. "Send your issue to me" is all done by email and will not require additional forms to fill out unless you are a first time client. Returning clients will only have to fill out the online Purchasing "Send your issue to me" Coaching form and submit it back to us. From there you will you will be billed for the coaching services in advance by email. Once the forms are submitted and your payment is made you will get your "Send your issue to me" email response from Steve within 2 business days. 

If you are a first time client you have to fill out the personal information form which will be emailed to you after your payment has been received. The personal information form must be filled out by first time clients in order to recieve coaching. All information on the personal information form is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL (See our Privacy Policy). You will only have to fill out this form one time which is before your first coaching session or email. (Any changes in your personal information can be submitted to us anytime in the future). First time clients will be assigned a client number which will be used for current and future sessions.

To do this just CLICK HERE which will take you to the Purchasing "Send your issue to me" Coaching page and fill out the online form.  If you are a returning client, please don't forget to enter your Client Number on the form.