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Steve recommends at least 3 coaching sessions (one session per month) to give you the best possible results by monitoring the progress you make in between sessions. You will also discover any adjustments you may need to make.

Steve's Mystique offers these coaching methods...

Coaching Sessions by Telephone

Conversations with your coach are made easy. You and Steve can set up a call schedule that meets your needs and convenience. (This service is only available in the Continental United States only.)

Coaching Sessions by Email

If you want real confidentiality, you and Steve can conduct your coaching sessions buy email for the ultimate privacy and convienence. No pressure of live conversation and you can keep your email notes for future reference.

(Email sessions not available for Marriage Coaching)

Steve's Mystique offers these types of Coaching...

Develop a winning mindset.

Become the best you can be.

Make your relationships count.

Take your marriage to the next level.

Make your family life flourish.

Raise happy and responsible children.
Steve's Mystique is offering a FREE consultation that will last approximately 5 to 15 minutes. You can talk to Steve and discuss what you need help with that way you can decide whether you feel life coaching is right for you or your situation. See our Online Booking Page or Contact us by phone at (682)706-3667 to schedule your FREE consultation.




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